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Satoshi Island
5 min readJan 11, 2022

We understand that to some, the notion of a real private island being turned into a crypto paradise could be unbelievable at first glance. Without doing any due diligence the skeptical among us would likely see Satoshi Island as just another moon shot idea or even worse a straight up scam.

For the rightly skeptical crypto lovers and crypto haters we have prepared this due diligence article which we urge you to read and verify for yourself by doing research before writing off Satoshi Island as illegitimate.

In the next section you will find a lot of info to help you with your due diligence but if you would prefer here are some companies you might know who after being happy with all their findings, decided to publish about Satoshi Island.

Is the island real?

The first thing anyone wonders so here are a number of links that can help you with your due diligence on this subject.

Check out the island on google maps:

The previous name of Satoshi Island was Lataro Island and it is located on the east coast of Santo, Vanuatu.

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Vladi Private Islands Directory:

Here is a old listing for Lataro Island showing the last time it was on the market .

NOTE: The term conservation reserve was mentioned in the island which has confused some readers. It is important to understand that this a voluntary wild life conservation area set up by our team to protect the wild life from poaching. There are no restriction to building on the island. More info about our wildlife conservation reserve in the below Medium article.

See Satoshi Island flags flying on the island in our promo video:

Check out our weather station on the island giving live updates to Satoshi Island weather:

See this tweet made recently from the island:

See this tweet of our staff wearing Satoshi Island t-shirts:

Does the Vanuatu government know about Satoshi Island and have they given the green light for the project to proceed?

The Vanuatu Government is aware and in favor of Satoshi Island and we have received two forms of official support from two of the highest members of government.

Satoshi Island has endorsement by the Prime Minister Of Vanuatu

Satoshi Island has official support from the Vanuatu Minister Of Finance

Is the island really owned by the Satoshi Island company?

We have two Vanuatu companies that are associated with the legal aspects of ownership of the island and running the project, Satoshi Island Limited and Satoshi Island Holdings Limited. For verifying our company owner of the island, the Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau (VIMB) can act as a reference. For those who wish to further verify the ownership, Satoshi Island Holdings Limited can be found on the Company and Land Registry Of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau Website:

The Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau can help you finding information about our companies.

Vanuatu Finance Services Commission

You can find information on our company Satoshi Island Holdings Limited on the VFSC website.

Department of Finance and Treasury Website:

We worked with Land Logic Limited, a well known company in Vanuatu to ensure that we were all clear to develop the island as advertised. They visited Satoshi Island and can confirm the viability of the project. Land Logic also helped arrange some of our video footage.

Land Logic Limited Website:

The President and the Secretary General of Sanma Province (where the island is located) are also in support of the project, as is their planning department. Land Logic Limited can also attest to this or you can reach out to them directly.

Sanma Provincial Government Council, PMB 239, Luganville, Sanma +678 734 6076,

Who is involved with Satoshi Island that can help legitimize the project and how can I confirm they are really involved?

The people and companies below will be helpful to your due diligence process.

James Law

Satoshi Islands chief architect has years of experience working in modular development and sustainability.

James Law Architecture Firm Cybertecture:

James’ Linkedin, listing his involvement with Satoshi Island:

James tweeting about Satoshi Island:

James on Cheddar News talking about Satoshi Island:

James on the panel of Horasis:

James doing a Ted Talk in 2018:

Daniel Agius

Daniel is Satoshi Island’s head of investment and migration. He is also the director of the Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau (VIMB), a government appointed organization for the Vanuatu Development Support Program.

Daniel’s Linkedin listing his involvement with Satoshi Island and the VIMB:

Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau Website:

One of Daniel’s companies supporting Vanuatu youth:

Bospar PR Agency

Bospar is an award winning US based tech PR agency who handles public relations for Satoshi Island Limited.

Bospar Website:

Tweet from Bospar mentioning Satoshi Island as a client:

Other interesting links for your consideration.

Twitter Post showing a completed Satoshi Island Modules.

We have already built Satoshi Island Modules, the buildings that will be used on the island.

Twitter Post by Chainlink mentioning Satoshi Island

Satoshi Island and Chainlink entered into a contract to work together to integrate Chainlinks products into Satoshi Island Smart Contracts.

Satoshi Island at the World Metaverse Conference

Medium article about Satoshi Island exhibiting alongside the Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau at the World Metaverse Conference in Dubai.


When involving yourself with any project it is important to do your own research so we hope these links and descriptions help you with that process.

Satoshi Island

11th January 2022