Citizenship NFTs & Our WL

Satoshi Island
3 min readOct 30, 2022

Came late to the party or missed out getting on the WL? Read this article.

For all those wondering why it’s worth getting hold of a Citizenship NFT, here is some info on the benefits that having one and how people were whitelisted.

About Citizenship NFTs

Satoshi Island Citizenship is the ultimate NFT for any aspiring Satoshi Islander and is the key to all things related to the project. There can only ever be 21,000 Satoshi Island Citizens and so becoming one is undoubtedly exciting for the crypto community. But other than the bragging rights of being a Satoshi Island Citizen, the Citizenship NFT has excellent utility and is needed by all who want to visit or live on the island, as well as those who want access to exclusive Satoshi Island software, events, Citizen Only Staking Pools and other opportunities.

Citizenship NFTs are also important for anyone who wants to build on the island or interact in the upcoming Satoshi Island metaverse. Anyone can own Satoshi Island NFTs, but without a Citizenship NFT, most of the Satoshi Island NFTs can only be bought and sold, and not used for their utility. For example, without a Citizenship NFT, the land-based NFTs cannot be converted to NFPTs (Non-Fungible Property Tokens), which is the necessary step required before building begins.

There is a whole island of opportunities available to Citizenship NFT holders, and we have lots of updates in the pipeline!

To learn more about Citizenship NFTs go to:

Although the main purpose of Citizenship NFTs is to provide a strong utility to the community, they also have a number of unique traits and artwork making them collectable as well as useful. You can learn more about this be clicking here.

The Whitelist

The whitelist for the free Citizenship NFT mint began in December 2021 and ran for almost 6 months. At that time, those interested had to apply for the WL and meet specific criteria around Twitter and OpenSea.

There were also opportunities to join through some groups and projects who were offered limited places on the WL, in return for introducing their communities to Satoshi Island.

We received around 180,000 applications and established that about 30,000 of those were bots. Of the 150,000 real applications, less than 10% met the criteria requested in the application. Unfortunately this meant that many of those who applied were not considered for citizenship, but fortunately for all those who did meet the criteria, it meant that almost all of them made it onto the whitelist!

For all those who met the criteria, we thank you for your patience and are excited for you to become a Satoshi Island Citizen!

For all those who applied but didn’t make the WL, Citizenship NFTs can be bought and sold on secondary markets just like any NFT, so head over to your favorite marketplace and grab yourself a bargain!

The Initial Mint

There is a total of 21,000 Citizenship NFTs in the collection, and there is a total of 18,000 on the whitelist. The remaining 3000 NFTs are held by the DAO to either give to projects who receive grants or will be made available to the community through future mints. (Explained below)

As it has been many months since people applied for the free Citizenship NFT whitelist, we expect that there could be a lot of people who do not claim their NFT during the 14-day period, resulting in a large amount of NFTs being unclaimed.

For that reason, we have plans for possible future mints.

Possible Future Mints

Depending on how many NFTs are claimed by those on the whitelist, there is the possibility of the introduction of other ways to get Citizenship NFTs.

  • Metaverse Mints: When the Satoshi Island Metaverse is released, there will be regular competitions and events where players can receive Citizenship NFTs for winning or participating. Joining these events will require the users to stake STC or have a Citizenship NFT with the “Meta Islander” specialty trait.
  • Stake To Mint: The ability to join a new WL for staking STC may become available at a later date but to ensure that offering additional free mints do not affect the floor price and sales of Citizenship NFTs, the amount of STC that will be required to stake will be substantially higher than the cost to buy on secondary markets.

Whether you buy a Citizenship NFT from secondary market or wait to get one from a staking opportunity at a later date, we look forward to welcoming you to our community!