Get more land for less!

Satoshi Island
2 min readJun 2, 2022


A new and reduced pricing structure for the Satoshi Island Land NFT mint.

We all want Satoshi Island to become the crypto capital of the world, but unless there are enough people who want to build it, our vision can never become a reality. Therefore, due to the market conditions and community suggestions about our Land NFTs pricing and location availability.

The new price is almost 2x lower than the previous public sale price and almost 3x lower for those buying whole blocks of land!

We had over 1K people make bookings to mint at 2.35 ETH per Land NFT and we believe that 23.5 ETH for a real block of land on a private island being to be developed into a crypto paradise is still a great price. Regardless, we decided to make some changes to our pricing structure to make it more affordable so we can get more Land NFTs into the hands of our community with the goal to see the island develop faster!

All Land Collections Will Be Released!

To accommodate a new lower pricing we will be releasing all areas of the island via different collections. The exact location of Land NFTs will still be randomized but with the introduction of all areas around the island, buyers will be able to choose which area they want to be in when they mint.

This is great for people who would prefer being near the ocean, up on the cliffs, around the towns or near the business areas. This is also a huge benefit to all the projects who have expressed interest to have offices on the island as now commercial areas will be available too!


The price was previously published to mint at 2.35 ETH per Land NFT (23.5 ETH per block) in the private sale and 2.95 ETH (29.5 ETH per block) in the public sale. The new pricing is reduced substantially for single Land NFT buyers and we are also introducing significant discounts to those buying multiple NFTs with a goal to incentivize builders.

The new pricing structure will be as follows.

  • One NFT = 1.55 ETH
    1.55 ETH Total Mint
  • Two NFTs = 1.5 ETH Each
    3 ETH Total Mint
  • Three NFTs = 1.45 ETH
    4.35 ETH Total Mint
  • Four NFTs = 1.4 ETH
    5.6 ETH Total Mint
  • Five NFTs 1.35 ETH
    6.75 ETH Total Mint
  • Six NFTs 1.3 ETH
    7.8 ETH Total Mint
  • Seven NFTs 1.25 ETH
    8.75 ETH Total Mint
  • Eight NFTs 1.2 ETH
    9.6 ETH Total Mint
  • Nine NFTs 1.15 ETH
    10.35 ETH Total Mint
  • Ten NFTs 1.1 ETH
    11 ETH Total Mint

People buying multiple blocks of 10 Land NFTs will also receive a further discount being the price per Land NFT to 1 ETH and a whole block for 10 ETH

Our goal for reducing prices and making the entire island available to give people the chance to get specific areas of land that suits their goals as well as with the reduction in price making owning land on Satoshi Island accessible to more people.

Land NFT Mint Opens: 4th June 2022
Land NFT Mint Closes:
10th June 2022