Available to anyone on a first come first served basis.

Over the past 2 days, Tenset have been running a presale of the Satoshi Island Coin (STC) to their community which has attracted around Ten Thousand unique buyers! They achieved this amazing result by only allowing a small allocation to each of their paid subscribers, capping the number of tokens each participant could purchase.

The remaining tokens will be available at the same price as their private sale to anyone, starting today from 10 AM UTC via the official link below.

Official Link:
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Max Token Purchase: 387 STC
Max Purchase Amount: 1.63 BNB
Price Per Token: 0.004210526 BNB

All tokens purchased from the private and public sales are vested over 365 days with 15% available to claim from day one. The remaining tokens can be claimed daily or any time during or after the vesting period.

Satoshi Island Coin Tokenomics

Tokens are not yet available from any exchange and cannot be purchased from any link other than the one listed above. You will NOT receive any DMs about the token sale

Official STC Token Contract: 0x340724464cf51a551106cC6657606Ee7d87B28b9

With the confirmed success of our private land sale and now the token sale, we are officially moving forward with the vision of Satoshi Island and are ecstatic to confirm that our free Citizenship NFTs will be released soon to all those on the WL! Dates announced soon!

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