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Satoshi Island
4 min readJan 21, 2022


Satoshi Island Grants are presented to people and organizations who have made a significant impact on the crypto and NFT industry. The grants are designed to reward excellence and dedication by securing the recipients place into the history of Satoshi Island.

What do recipients of grants receive?

Depending on the grant, they provide recipients with land or licenses on the island. Recipients will also receive Satoshi Island Citizenship NFTs to disperse within their communities as they see fit.

What kind of people or organizations could receive these grants?

The kind of people and organizations that would be considered eligible, will be extremely influential and will have reached the highest level of distinction within their field. We only have a limited amount of land and licenses available so those chosen will be considered “household names” and be known industry wide.

Note: Project License Grants are open to all established projects with a working product and substantial community.

How to receive a grant?

The Satoshi Island community can nominate those who they believe to be worthy of a grant and, if the nominees show interest in receiving the grant, the Satoshi Island team will evaluate the proposed recipient.

Note to community members: Do not harass or hound people or organizations who you believe to be worthy of a Satoshi Island Grant.

Outstanding Organization Grant

This free land grant will be awarded to a total of 21 outstanding crypto organizations who have made an enormously positive impact on the industry. These 21 commercial blocks of land surround the Bitcoin Park in the center of the island, an area dedicated to crypto organizations. The recipients of the grants can use their free land to build a company retreat, satellite office, or even a permanent headquarters on the island.

Primary Benefit: 1 free XL block of land surrounding bitcoin park.

Eligibility: Must be established for at least 3 years and be considered a “household name” within the crypto industry.

Influential People Grant

For crypto personalities who are interested in having a home on the island, we have limited number of free blocks of land available via our Influential People Grant. This grant is designed for people who have a proven understanding of the industry as well as a strong community behind them.

Primary Benefit: 1 block of land from available locations.

Eligibility: Be an individual who has reached the absolute highest level of acclaim as a publicly recognized crypto advocate.

NFT Leadership Grant

This land grant provides the most noteworthy NFT influencers, projects or artists with a whole block of land on the Island. By reserving land for the pioneers in the NFT space, Satoshi Island invites thought-leaders to be a part of the journey, lend their talents, and make their mark on the island.

Primary Benefit: 1 block of land from available locations.

Eligibility: Be extremely well known individual, project or artist who has reached the absolute highest level of distinction within the NFT industry.

Project License Grant

For well established crypto and NFT projects who want to have a presence on the island. This license grant will provide them access to commercial space reserved for officially recognized projects, plus the ability to use their residential land for numerous purposes that could benefit their project and their community. As an additional honor, some projects receiving this grant will also be able to name a street or community area on the island.

Primary Benefit: Ability to establish operations on the island and the possibility to name a street or community area.

Eligibility: Be a well established and trusted project with a product in the market.

Blockchain Events Grant

Satoshi Island will be home to year-round blockchain events and there are 21 major event license NFTs available for established organizers. Companies who hold large events and believe Satoshi Island would be the perfect setting for them, can apply for the grant which entitles the recipient to host a guaranteed major event each year. Major events will be held in the Bitcoin Park and recipients of the grant will have no fees payable and will keep 100% of ticket sales.

Primary Benefit: A yearly event on the island.

Eligibility: Be an established crypto/blockchain event that has successfully held medium to large scale physical events in the past.

Apply For A Grant

If you think you, or your organization, would be a good fit to receive a Satoshi Island Grant we would love to talk to you. Contact us by email, discord or Telegram.

Make An Intro & Receive A Citizenship NFT

Are you connected to an individual, project or organization who you think would be good candidate for a Satoshi Island Grant? Make an introduction and if they receive the grant you will be granted a Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT.

In Closing.

We look forward to bestowing these grants on worthy recipients and welcome the contribution that they and their communities will have in shaping the future of Satoshi Island.