Satoshi Island NFT Launch Event

Satoshi Island
3 min readApr 17, 2022


This article was superseded by a new announcement.


The information and pricing in this article was updated due to the market conditions of the crypto market.


The below info is no longer valid.

The launch of Satoshi Island NFTs is getting close and we have some more information so all Satoshi Islanders can get prepare themselves for the big day!

UPDATE: The Satoshi Island NFT Launch Event has been adjusted to protect the community from the potential of gas wars.

See Below Article For Update:

DATE: To Be Determined
(Based on filling whitelist allocation)

Free Citizenship NFT Mint & Land Sale

A total of 5620 Land NFTs (562 blocks) from the South Wing will be available in the first Land NFT release, the process of the release of both these collections is available in the above article.

The Land NFT Reservation

The land NFT Reservation will happen over two or three rounds.

Early Access For Whitelisted Citizens (Pre Sale 21% Discount)

Reserved for only those whitelisted for the free Citizenship NFT mint.

  • Only whitelisted addresses can participate
  • 21% discount from public sale price
  • 50% of allocation (2810 Land NFTs/281 Blocks)
  • Only whitelisted addresses can buy
  • Max 10 Land NFTs per whitelisted wallet
  • Open until sold out

Early Access For Citizens (Public Sale)

For holders of Citizenship NFTs who missed the private sale or bought their Citizenship NFTs on the secondary market.

  • No whitelist required
  • Citizenship NFT required
  • 50% of allocation (2810 Land NFTs/281 Blocks)
  • One hour early access to the public sale
  • Max 10 Land NFTs per wallet

Public Sale

Open to anyone.

  • No whitelist required
  • No Citizenship NFT required
  • Remainder of allocation available after previous rounds
  • Open until sold out or closed by team
  • Max 10 Land NFTs per wallet

Public Land NFT Price Confirmed Under 3 ETH

The sale price is not yet released but it is confirmed that the price will be under 3 ETH per Land NFT making each block of 18x20m land under 30 ETH. (Under 2.36 ETH per Land NFT in private sale)

Each Land NFT represents a 1/10 (10%) share of the 18x20m block, they do not represent a specific area or size within it the block. To build on the land co-owners can cooperate through the blocks private Land DAO.

The price for land on Satoshi Island includes all costs for landscaping and preparation of the land. Each block comes with planning permissions for Satoshi Island modules for private residential or public residential accommodation.

Disclaimer: An announcement with the final pricing will be made via our Discord, Twitter and Telegram Channel a minimum of 24 hours prior to the release of the Land NFT sale. We reserve the right to change the pricing prior to the release for any reason.