Satoshi Island Private Opening | NYE

Satoshi Island
4 min readDec 20, 2022


Be one of the first Satoshi Islanders to experience the island!

Don’t Have plans for this new years yet? Join us!

Satoshi Island Resort is opening for a limited number of people to join us to bring in the new years in paradise.

It’s late notice, but if you hold a Citizenship NFT and are able to make it to Vanuatu by the 31st of December 2022, you could be one of 8 lucky Satoshi Islanders to be picked to enjoy an all inclusive holiday on the island, absolutely free!

We’ve been working hard to get the resort ready for visitors and although we did not manage to complete everything that was planned, the resort is at a stage where we can accommodate up to 8 guests for a relaxing experience on the island.

If chosen to join us, you will be picked up from Luganville airport in Santo and be transferred to Satoshi Island for your holiday. Your stay will be 100% free, including food and drinks and you will be staying in one of our luxury villas with your travel companions.

The Accommodation

We are opening two of our largest villas for you to stay in. Each villa can accommodate up to 4 people and is perfect for couples, families or groups of people who are willing to share.

The villas are open plan and have one bathroom in each. They have one closed off master bedroom and an additional bed that can be used if 4 people are staying, or if only 2 take up residence, then the second bed can be used as a place to relax in the day.

All accommodation has 24 hour electricity, hot and cold running water and internet services.

Internet Connectivity

The current internet set up is limited but we have set up a 70mbps satellite connection that has a constant connection unless there is heavy rain. We also recently set up the local internet connection via cell signal which can be connected if you buy a local sim and buy a data plan.

Note: We are in the process of increasing our internet speed and connection, in time for full time residents to move in. Being a crypto based island, setting up the fastest and most reliable internet is of course one of a major focuses.

Your Holiday

If you are chosen to join us, you will be welcomed to the island for 5 nights and during your stay you will not have any costs while on the island. We will provide food and beverages as well as a tour around the island so you can get to know the place.

If you decide to stay in Vanuatu longer or arrive early, there is also lots of resorts around the country that you can stay at, we can make suggestions and help you make these bookings but they will not be included for free.


As part of the invitation, we do not provide flights but there is a number of options to fly into Vanuatu. At the time of publishing there are commercial flights available to Port Vila from the following locations.

Country: Australia
Air Vanuatu/Qantas

Country: New Zealand
Air Vanuatu

Country: Fiji
Air Vanuatu/Fiji Airways

Country: New Caledonia
Air Vanuatu/Aircalin

These locations can be accessed via multiple connecting flights around the world.

Once in Port Vila you will be required to fly to Luganville Airport in Santo, where you will be collected by Satoshi Island staff. The flight from Port Vila to Luganvlle is on the 31st of December at 9:10am. If you arrive in Vanuatu after this time there is also the possibly to charter a private air taxi.

Check out the following websites for information on the Port Vila to Santo flights.

If budget is not a factor then there is private charters available to fly directly in to Port Vila or Santo from many locations around the world.

Apply To Visit

We’re taking applications from groups of 2 or more. Groups of 8 and groups of 4 would be favorable so we can get the largest number of people to the island.

If you would like to be one of the first Satoshi Islanders to visit you can apply via

With your application please write a little about yourself and who you would bring with you, including.

  • Your Name
  • Your Location
  • Your Nationality
  • Your Proposed Date Of Arrival To Vanuatu
  • Your Party Size (Max 8)
  • Your Contact Details (Telegram/Discord)
  • Your Proposed Travel Plans (Flights you have found)

Terms & Conditions:

  • All visitors are required to hold a Citizenship NFT
  • Visitors must arrange flights to Luganville Airport, Santo, Vanuatu.
  • Must be able to enter Vanuatu legally.
  • Must be available to have a call with someone from Satoshi Island prior to being accepted.

Can’t make for NYE? We have a back plan.

As we realize the invitation to this private opening is extremely late notice, in the occurrence that we do not have any visitors able to make it, we will also be opening up the resort in January for visitors who participate in Stake To Stay.