Satoshi Island Receives Endorsement From The Prime Minister Of Vanuatu

Satoshi Island
2 min readMar 25, 2022

“We look forward to watching the development of Satoshi Island unfold and inviting your community to their new home.”

We are excited to announce that we have received an official endorsement from the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, cementing the government’s support for the project and inviting our community to their new home!

Since the concept of a crypto based island first came up, receiving an official letter of support from the leader of our chosen jurisdiction was always one of the ultimate aspirations for us. Vanuatu was initially chosen due to the willingness of the government to consider being the home for Satoshi Island. We have been engaged with the government for a long time as having their support was always key to ensuring the success of the project and although we had verbal support early on, getting written support was a long process that required a lot of back and forth and trust to be built.

Last year we received a letter of support from the finance minister which was an amazing step to help show the crypto community that Satoshi Island was really happening but now, with this full enforcement from the Prime Minister, we can even more confidently show everyone that Satoshi Island is as real as it gets and the kind words of the PM inviting our community to their home could not be a warmer welcome!

As the community will be aware, the team have been less active with announcements over the past few weeks. The reason for this is now clear as we were waiting for this huge news to become official before making other announcements taking the project forward.

With this most prestigious endorsement in hand, Satoshi Island becomes one of the first, if not the first crypto project to have official support from the Prime Minister of a country.

We know that with this new official support, crypto enthusiasts and professionals will feel more comfortable than ever to join our community and help us build Satoshi Island to become the crypto capital of the world.