Satoshi Island Resort

Satoshi Island
2 min readAug 28, 2022


Grand Opening Q4 2022

In a few short months, Satoshi Island will open its doors to short-stay visitors for the very first time!

This is the first step towards building the crypto capital of the world, and until Satoshi Island is a fully-operational smart city, the island will serve as a resort for Satoshi Islanders who want to experience island life ahead of moving to the island. This special announcement also introduces the first real-world utility for STC, letting Satoshi Islanders stake their STC and be rewarded in nights in the Satoshi Island Resort

Stake To Stay will allow you to stake your tokens and be rewarded with Resort Pass NFTs — which represent nights on the island! Can’t make the trip? No worries — simply sell your NFTs to someone who can!

This is the ultimate demonstration of the benefits that having our own token brings to the community. Spending time on a private island can easily cost many thousands of dollars a night — but with the introduction of Stake To Stay, a luxury night in paradise is no longer out of reach.

Resort Pass NFTs come in different denominations, from fractionalized nights for small stakers, to week-long stays for larger stakers — all available to trade on the Satoshi Island Marketplace, exclusively for STC.

Currently our accommodation is limited, giving visitors the true experience of a luxury private island, but we are in the process of expanding the current resort to accept more and more visitors with a goal to have a buzzing community of holiday makers with a capacity of 40–60 Satoshi Islanders by early next year.

STC is the currency that will be powering the crypto capital city of the world, Stake To Stay is just the first of a huge list of utilities for STC, we have an entire island of opportunity to work with!