Turn Your Crypto Into Real Land On Satoshi Island

Satoshi Island
1 min readApr 6, 2022


Satoshi Island Land NFTs represent real land on the island!

With all the excitement going around the upcoming free Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT mint, it is easy for some to over look one of the most exciting things about Satoshi Island. You can actually own a piece of a real island being developed into a crypto paradise!

Satoshi Island Land NFTs have MASSIVE utility and we have not even touched on most of them yet. The Land NFT mint is coming very soon and until then we will be releasing lots of exciting information about all the things that holders can do with their Land NFTs.

See the video below for a break down on Land NFTs and the 7 Land Collections that make up Satoshi Island.

The Satoshi Island Land NFT mint will be first available to Citizenship NFT holders who were whitelisted by successfully completing and meeting criteria of our website application and/or discord application.

(As of 6th of April 2022 the Citizenship NFTs have not been minted)

Go to: https://satoshi-island.com/citizenship to learn about Satoshi Island Citizenship, the rights and benefits it provides and how to apply to receive get whitelisted for our Citizenship NFT free mint.